What to Do While Waiting For a Towing Service

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Local Towing Tips

The reasons why drivers may have to call for a towing service are numerous, including mechanical trouble, car accident, flat tire, etc. These things can happen at any time, to anyone, so our first piece of advice is to write down the number of a good local towing service provider and keep it in your vehicle all the time. Next, read the lines below and find out how to proceed when stranded on the road with a damaged vehicle.

Man with cell phone on roadside by car breakdown1. Move the Car Away From Moving Traffic.
If possible and allowed, try to move the vehicle as far into the road shoulder as possible. This way you prevent any accidents that might happen because of your vehicle. Furthermore, it will be much easier for the tow truck driver to tow your car if he can park as close to it as possible.

2. Turn On the Hazard Lights.
Whether you’ve been able to move the vehicle off the road or not, you must still turn on the hazard lights. The light will alert other drivers that your car is disabled and also help the tow driver to find you faster.

3. Place Flares and Reflective Triangles Around the Car.
Placing cones and reflective triangles is a must, especially if you were unable to move the vehicle off the road. Make sure you place at least one in front, one in the back and a few along the side of the car facing the road. The reason is the same, to alert other drivers about your damaged vehicle.

4. Organize Belongings.
Gather together all valuable items, vehicle insurance paperwork, and anything else that you need to take with you once the towing service provider arrives. This way, you will be able to leave the vehicle quickly, ensuring a faster towing process.

5. Stay in the Car.
If the car is safe, warning signs are in place and hazard lights are on, then you should wait inside your vehicle until the tow truck arrives. This will keep you safe from passing vehicles and elements.

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